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Culture & Art

Creative Photography Influenced by Heritage

Born and raised in County Mayo, Ireland, award-winning photographer Marion Lynott not only captures images of her home country but she uses the inspiration of her Irish heritage to provide a relaxed experience with a unique outcome in every session.

Marion's love for nature and animals has her on a mission to create the finest works of art to showcase worldwide.

(All images showcased in her portfolio are available for purchase.)


  • Weddings & Events
    Corporate or personal milestones; wedding, engagement, birthday, shower, dinner dance, product launch, team building, golf event, retreat, conference, trade show, First Holy Communion, senior portrait, etc.
    You name it, I capture it.
    Leaving you free to enjoy the event, and the documentation in the capable hands of the professionals.

  • Equine & Animal Portraits

    I’m here to help you showcase your equine talent or love. Professional studio images are taken at pre-determined locations or client’s homes, and the final products can range from large, museum quality, art pieces, to professionally designed and curated photo-books, to personalized calendars. Anything you wish to gift yourself, a family member, friend or colleague.

  • Headshot or Personal Branding
    Update your professional headshot or showcase your personal brand.
    We have two options available to choose from - the quick and easy, or the more creative.

We specialize in photo book curation and creation. After your session there is no better way to display and preserve your memories.

My Style

My mission is to approach a photoshoot with a genuine respect for the client or the subject. Embracing their personal voice and story, as well as the desired output of the shoot, is an important part of the process to achieving exceptional photographs. No two settings, subjects, or individuals are alike. Each reflects a unique character and spirit that echoes their natural beauty. It is my responsibility, as the photographer, to capture this beauty within each individual and subject, through my lens.

Stylistically, I believe my photography is soft and free flowing.  I let the magic take over and embrace the simplicity and originality in each and every venture. My desire is to portray things in an artisanal fashion by capturing authentic, and unique images.

I do this by emphasizing that each client or subject has their own poses, without excessive direction that may appear forced or unnatural. I provide gentle guidance versus pre-orchestrated shoots, and I focus on ensuring that light, angles and camera settings are facilitating to capture the very best images which will make my clients truly happy with the overall experience and the final images. 

If you’re interested in an unique, fun and creative experience I’d love to hear from you.  I welcome all types of shoots, and enjoy working with “outside the box” thinkers. 

Reach out and let’s collaborate!

Marion xo

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